Corsica – Your Perfect Holiday Island

In the southeast of midland, France breaking through the waters of Tyrrhenian Sea is the Mediterranean Mountain Island of Corsica. The Island is the hub of tourists all year long particularly in the summers where they enjoy the cool mountain breeze and warm sunny weather sipping some local wine. Corsica has become the destination for a perfect French vacation at the sandy beach Island and breathtaking landscapes surrounded by over 20 mountains and rivers streaming down the area. The area is about 8.722 square kilometers making it a third largest island in the Mediterranean while 1000 kilometer coastline.

There are towns and villages through the landscapes that you can take a look at to explore the island. While being on the island there is a lot for you to do; you can swim in the coastal waters, go for scuba diving or snorkeling, wind surfing or just enjoy the sun as you get yourself a perfect tan. The heritage of the island is filled with natural Mediterranean reserves including some breathtaking scenes of the landscapes that make the island a lush heaven. The trip advisor has given Bonifacio Citadel top place to be where you can shop for antiques while at Scandola you can enjoy a perfect view of the island; another one of best-reviewed spots by the Trip advisor.

Along with that the culture of the Mediterranean Island is quite lively that is filled with a local crafts and music and gastronomy. Corsica is popular for its goat cheese, broccoli, lobsters and fish at its seaside restaurants to dine in while listening to the three voiced style singing ‘the Paghjelle’ the voice of the Corsican soul.

Another cultural attraction for the tourists is the island’s wine making tradition that dates back through centuries. The wine making service allows you to taste 8 different flavors of vintage wine when you make a visit to the wine cellars. Within the city of Ajaccio is a national museum of Bonaparte house paying a tribute to the city’s popular citizen Napoleon Bonaparte. Just next to it is the Fesch museum made from the Italian artist’s paintings.

The tourist season is during summers when the disposal income of the wanderlusts attracts them towards making an investment for the trip to the Corsican Island. People who love a good French vacation on the beach always love to spill a few bills for the holiday.

Watch this video to learn more about Corsica and its amazing attractions!

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